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About me…

The first time I harvested grapes for Clos de Trias was for four days in 2012. I spent two weeks at the vineyard in each of the following three years. In 2016, I supported the entire harvest cycle for seven weeks and in 2017 I spent my entire annual vacation there – a total of four weeks. 2018 and 2019 I supported harvest at Frank John, Palatinate. Thomas Plackner, Würzburg, educated me in pruning 2020. In 2020, my priority is improving my French language.

Though arduous, to me working in the vineyards means supreme relaxation. It is a joy to experience the breathtaking sunrises and the chilly early morning air that come noon gives way to the warming rays of the sun. All the while I revel in the pristine landscape around us as well as in the knowledge that I am making a positive contribution to the final product. I do my morning’s work with the hopeful expectation of the interesting lunchtime chats I will have with harvest hands from all over the world. Although I am not too fond of working at the riddling table in the afternoons, I have come to accept that it is an essential element of quality assurance. I stand one hundred percent behind Even Bakke’s und Frank John's philosophy regarding ecological, sustainable farming. Their wines enchant my palate. I look after the German-speaking market for Clos de Trias and Frank John out of passion and friendship.

Heike Marquardt Clos De Trias